Goodbye Chickens

For the past couple of years, our family has raised chickens as part of homeschooling for the kids.  We have all come to enjoy the chickens, despite the upkeep they require.  Joshua has written his own eBook about chicken raising and had been trying to train one of the chickens (whom he named "Champion").  Unfortunately, we recently had to give up our chickens after our neighbor complained about them to our landlord (who is a relative of our neighbor).  We were all really sad to see them go, as they had become part of our life here.  And they were giving us 6-7 fresh eggs per day. 

We are thankful to God for the opportunity to have the chickens and are all agreed that we'd definitely like to keep them again in the future, if we have the opportunity.  Please see below for several pictures from our last day with our chickens.  

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Joshua Climbs Khao Lom Muak

In January 2015, Karl took Joshua up Khao Lom Muak (เขาล้อมหมวก), a peak of about 900 feet in Prachuab province during a family vacation.  Joshua did surprisingly well on the hike and thoroughly enjoyed himself.  Here is some footage of Joshua telling about the hike while siting on the peak, as well as some clips from the hike down.  It is a bit hard to hear Joshua sometimes, so turn your computer / phone volume all the way up.

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Dahlfred Kids' Inventions

Every six months, our mission organization holds a "Homeschool Week" for those families who are homeschooling to come together for some group activities and learning.  This past October, the theme for homeschool week and all the children had to present something that they had invented, or talk about an invention.  Our kids decided to put their thinking caps on and invent some things.  Mommy videoed the results, and Daddy edited it together into the video you see below.  The volume on some parts of the video is low, but you'll get the idea.  Enjoy.

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John's First Birthday

John celebrated his first birthday recently. He was not aware that it was his birthday so he just did what he normally does: enjoy some sticky rice.  In the following brief video "interview," John demonstrates how to eat one of his favorite foods.

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